Saturday, December 16, 2006

Weekend Amateur Political "Debates"

My gawd...every single frickin' weekend my husband and my 27-year-old son have to get into a rather excited political "discussion." My son is a fairly new neo-con, and my husband a liberal Democrat. According to my son, we are "marxist, socialist scumballs". My husband throws out statements with no supporting evidence or sources. So, it's a futile discussion. It's just a good thing our son is an atheist or there would really be some flaming going on!

I would love, love, love to have a weekend with NO POLITICAL TALK. I am sick of it. What the hell do they expect to settle here in suburbia? What good does spewing forth hot air in our livingroom while sitting on the sofa in front of the television set with the Bull's game blaring? If I go in and tell them to get along, they both tell me not to worry about it, that they are "just discussing" and I tell them it sure sounds like a lot more than that! They claim to be enjoying it. I find that rather a strange way of finding enjoyment.

So, I came in here in my office and am blasting Ozzie Osbourne and can no longer hear them and I dare them to tell me to turn it down!


Anonymous said...

Yeah I'm no good at political discussions either. All I know is I dont want war and I cant think of many politicians who think the same way.

And as you mentioned in your comment on my blog it a real pain to leave a comment. Hope they sort out things at blogger.

Stardust said...

Uma- I hope they sort the things out at Blogger, too. They seem to have a lot of problems. I am contemplating moving all my blogs to WordPress. I write for another blog that uses WordPress and it's wonderful. We have only had a problem twice in a year there.

As for politics, I am really sick of it all. Like religion, politics divide. I have rarely heard of religious or political leaders uniting humanity or even attempting to.