Friday, December 15, 2006

Paper piles

Is everyone like me who has piles of junk mail to sort through and bill statements to file that are in piles, sale papers in piles? I have a whole forest of pulpified trees laying in piles around my house.

I keep telling myself that I am sick of piles of papers laying around here and there and that I will be better about throwing away and filing. I spend an entire day sorting and tossing out and the house looks neat and spiffy for a few days, then I backslide to the old pile-making habit. When we are expecting company, I hurridly put the piles in a main pile at the back of one of the drawers in the metal filing cabinet downstairs and lie to myself that I will come back and file all of them properly "later".

My husband's contribution to the pile problem is newspapers, usually something he finds interesting and wants to keep for future reference. He also pulls out sale papers that contain items he might want to buy but never does. These piles are usually found on the floor by the sofa in the livingroom. The other mail piles are laying on the kitchen table and counters, around my office and on the diningroom table.

I need a paper pile anonymous group (or a personal assistant).

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