Thursday, December 14, 2006

My new cool dressy pant coat

I bought the most gorgeous pant coat today to wear to that dinner party my husband and I are invited to. I mostly wear tailored jackets and blouses...they have to have the tailoring. I hate anything "boxy" or straight. I also hate flowers, and glitter and loud colors and stick with mainly neutral, so when I saw this black coat yesterday when out with my crazy friend, I HAD to go back to get it today.

It's black, and like a suit jacket only is long, down to my knees at the back and tapers up shorter around the sides to the front. It's hard to explain, but is so pretty. (The brand is Bisou Bisou.) It buttons together in the front with one braided button. The back is all tailored and the coat gets fuller as it gets longer and is sort of "flowy." Kind of like the kind you see celebrities wear. I will wear a white tailored silk blouse underneath and my black dress pants and my heel boots.

It feels good to get new threads. :-)

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