Friday, February 29, 2008

Sick of snow

It snows, and as soon as it melts, it snows again. Melts, snows again...sometimes snows before it melts. I am so sick of winter! Two days ago I was so happy that I could see even the dull yellow grass and mud and had hopes that we would have a break from the white stuff for awhile. Nope. We were once again buried. Yesterday was quite cold, but bright and sunny and I hadn't looked at the weather report so was very displeased to see snow falling down heavily last night when I got up to get a glass of water.

Some people love the snow. I have never been one of those people. When I was a kid I hated boots and heavy coats. I fought my parents about wearing these really ugly over-the-shoe boots when I was a kid. I hated taking them off and on. I hated how they made me feel like I was walking with buckets on my feet. I later talked my Mom into high-fashion knee-high boots when I was a teenager, promising to wear them. But a few times of taking those on and off at the locker and I didn't want to wear those anymore, either. I would rather have cold feet. Now it's different...I HAVE to have warm feet or they hurt very much.

I have a few not-so-good winter weather-related stories from the past. When I was a kid I often walked home from school. It was an eight-block walk and seemed like a million miles in cold weather. And the bullies made it even worse. These punks would make ice balls and whip them at me and my friends all the way home. One day an ice ball hit me right in the face and eyes. It hurt so bad! The bullies laughed their butts off as I cried and wiped ice from my stinging face. I was little...about 8 or 9. There were other incidents such as these. Ice shoved down my neck. Shoved down on the slick ice as I walked across the playground.

The most recent winter weather event that was almost disasterous was when I hit a patch of black ice on I-80 in 1993 and slid right through a guard rail. Had an ambulance ride to the hospital after being knocked unconscious for a bit from the air bag. The air bag saved me though, things could have been much worse. Now I am afraid to drive in snow and ice. I still do it but by the time I reach my destination, I have to practically pry my fingers off the steering wheel.

I do have some fond memories of snow, all revolving around home and my own backyard. We were sickly kids . . . .asthmatic. So, my dad would go out and shovel and afterwards make us a big snowman. We watched him build it through the windows the whole time. He would start with a little snowball (after throwing a couple of snowballs at the window to make us duck and laugh), and we would watch him roll that little snowball into a gigantic one, then he would do that twice more to make the body. Then he would add things mom gave him like a babuska, rocks for teeth and eyes, carrot for a nose and he would get sticks for arms. He seemed to enjoy himself.

Our three kids loved the snow and couldn't wait to go out and play in it. Our dog back then, Trooper went absolutely crazy in the stuff, eating it while rolling in it at the same time. But I didn't really go out there and join in with the kids. We had a fenced yard, and. I watched from inside. They didn't mind, though. They were on an "arctic adventure" or some other imaginary quest. They would come in afterwards all red-cheeked, and I would have cups of hot cocoa with marshmallows waiting for them.

Now that I am older, I do love how pretty the snow is to look at, and how it sparkles like diamonds are scattered on it when the sun shines. But I do not like going out into it. I am afraid I am going to fall down. The coldness makes me tense up. This winter is just lasting too long. I am looking forward to spring when I can plant flowers and sit on my swing on the deck and feel the breeze on my face.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Blast from the past - Uriah Heep

This is one of my favorite groups from my late teens and early 20s. Hubby and I used to listen to this full blast, and while making the long trip from Arkansas to home for visits when he was stationed there in the AF. We still love the oldies!

Easy livin'



Friday, February 22, 2008


I have been having a massage when I go for physical therapy sessions for my back. If you have never had a massage, you don't know what you are missing. But once you have one massage you will be hooked. The massage works better than anything else they do, and better than any medicine I take. I wish I could hire a full-time massage therapist to come to my home every day.

When I go to therapy they first put this wonderful heat pack all around my sore neck and shoulders and I sit there for ten minutes. I could sit there with that for an hour or two without getting antsy. It's so relaxing.

Then comes the stretching that the regular therapist does, which also feels good, but is a little bit of a workout. After that I have my exercises, most of which are not fun and are quite boring, but must do them to build up muscle and bone.

Then after my stretching and exercises I am rewarded with a massage...and it' s awesome. She knows where the knots are and how to get them out and all my muscles relax.

Even if you don't have medical problems, I strongly recommend going for a professional massage once in awhile. My massage therapist says to steer clear of Spas because they are not medically trained. A fully trained medical massage therapist knows how to do it correctly without hurting you. So, if you have stress, or do a lot of lifting or if your back just seems sore and tired, go get a massage. It's wonderful relief.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Someone needs to lose weight

Well, breaking the seat in our van wasn't enough to convince him to stop eating so much junk food and snacking for a hobby. Maybe breaking the sofa might, though. Our sofa and love seat is old, about 20 years old, but it's Flexsteel and the frame is guaranteed to last a lifetime (under normal wear and tear). All furniture have weight limits.

I am glad once again that this didn't happen to me. I would never hear the end of it. He is one who likes to tease others, but doesn't like it when we tease him, which will most likely happen once my three kids get wind of this.

Seriously though, health-wise he needs to do something. He is not what I would call "obese" but he is a big man at 6'3" and 260 lbs. He does eat the nutritious meals I prepare, but must have the additional peanut butter, cream cheese, strawberry preserves, slices and slices of cheese, etc that he eats for "dessert" before and after our meals. (Along with a two liter of Pepsi or some other pop each day.) I am worried about him.

So hunny. . . if you are reading this please follow my diet with me. I want you with me for as long as possible because I love you very much. You are my everything.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Typing test

I knew my typing had improved dramatically since high school, where I failed typing, most likely from lack of belief that I could be good at anything. Like with Algebra. I never got beyond basic math in elementary and high school and always believed I was stupid in math till I went to the university when I was in my 40s and had to pass a couple of math competency tests to be allowed to go for my Bachelors/Masters. I studied hard and worked hard to shake off the belief that I couldn't do algebra. I worked hard, with the help of husband and sons and ended up not simply passing the exams, but scoring very well on them. And I now understand Algebra. :D

I wasn't successful at all in Office Practice class in high school and always kicked myself for not staying with Art instead. BUT after years of writing, and using the computer my typing skills have greatly improved (though probably still not up to par with my sister who is an administrative assistant.)'s the score I got, and here's the link to the test site if you want to try it for yourself:

68 words

free Touch typing

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Jason!

Here is a little present for you. Hope you are able to find time to keep up with your T-bone playing.

Christian Lindberg - Csardas

My baby brother, Dean

My youngest brother is a rock and roller, and had this really cool band, Gynger Lynn back in the 80s. (Dean is the lead singer.) He put this old vid of the band on YouTube recently. The babies belong to Dean and another band member.

Gynger Lynn - Baby's all Talk

Saturday, February 09, 2008

February 9th and the tree is finally put away!

It's so frustrating not to be able to do these things myself anymore. In the past I would have the tree down, ornament boxes put back away where they belong all in one single afternoon. But now that I am having a hard time lifting and not supposed to be picking up boxes and things, I have to wait for someone else to do it for me. Well, sometimes I wait, and wait and wait. *sigh*

Three weeks ago, I had hubby bring up the boxes I store the Xmas decorations and lights in, and I took all of the ornaments off the tree, and gathered up and carefully packed away all of the holiday knick-knacks, candles, cloths, etc. I asked him then to please put the boxes back downstairs, and he did do that that day, but it took him all day of walking past the big stack.

Finally, today he put the tree away after I told him I was going to have our son come over and do it.'s down and packed away till next year.

Thank you hunny...FINALLY. :)

Worlds most talented child-singers

Absolutely amazing kids!

Part One

Part Two

Amy Diamond

Friday, February 01, 2008

Flashback from the past

Golden Earring - Twilight Zone

Somewhere in a lonely hotel room there's a guy starting to realize that eternal fate has turned its back on him. It's 2 AM.

It's 2 AM, my fear is gone. I'm sitting here waiting. The gun's still warm. Maybe my connection is tired of taking chances...

Yeah, there's a storm on the loose. Sirens in my head. Wrapped up in silence, all circuits are dead. Cannot decode. My whole life spins into a frenzy.

Help I'm stepping into the twilight zone.
Place is a mad house. Feels like being cloned. My beacon's been moved under moon and star. Where am I to go now that I've gone too far? Soon you will come to know...when the bullet hits the bone.

I'm falling down the spiral. Destination unknown. Double-crossed messenger, all alone. Can't get no connection. Can't get through, where are you?

Well, the night weighs heavy on his guilty mind. This far from the border line. When the hitman comes, he knows damn well he has been cheated. And he says...