Thursday, February 14, 2008

Typing test

I knew my typing had improved dramatically since high school, where I failed typing, most likely from lack of belief that I could be good at anything. Like with Algebra. I never got beyond basic math in elementary and high school and always believed I was stupid in math till I went to the university when I was in my 40s and had to pass a couple of math competency tests to be allowed to go for my Bachelors/Masters. I studied hard and worked hard to shake off the belief that I couldn't do algebra. I worked hard, with the help of husband and sons and ended up not simply passing the exams, but scoring very well on them. And I now understand Algebra. :D

I wasn't successful at all in Office Practice class in high school and always kicked myself for not staying with Art instead. BUT after years of writing, and using the computer my typing skills have greatly improved (though probably still not up to par with my sister who is an administrative assistant.)'s the score I got, and here's the link to the test site if you want to try it for yourself:

68 words

free Touch typing

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