Wednesday, October 01, 2008

I can't believe I watched My New BFF

Well, I caved and watched Paris Hilton's My New BFF last night despite saying I would not watch that garbage. She is so full of herself it isn't funny. And what's with all these contestants who want to kiss her ass just to be her so-called "friend". Paris doesn't know what a friend is. She thinks that a friend is someone who caters to her every spoiled rotten desires, and who will do anything to kiss her ass and make her happy. She is superficial, immature, and so full of herself. Stuck up, royally. How can she ever be true friends with anyone if she is so in love with herself.

Reality television sucks, generally, but this one is just pathetic. Are there no writers left to produce any quality television shows anymore? Not many from what I have seen lately since being laid up and watching more tv than I should. I need to start leaving the television off like I usually do and read the stack of books I have sitting here.

Back to hiss

Well, have full-blown sciatica on top of this ankle surgery I am trying to recover from. So, have to use the crutches again to keep from walking funny..."waddling" I call it.

Walking with the boot makes me walk like C3Po...and makes my hips move funny and out of whack. Therefore causing a disc in my back to bulge and press on the nerve that travels down my butt, down the back of the leg and into the ankle and foot I just had surgery on. Not pleasant.
So, must risk bursitis in the shoulder again to get the back straightened out. It's one thing after the other lately. But, I will get through it, I always do.

Jon has been a huge help and very understanding through all of this. I don't know what I would do without him. But he is getting tired, I know. Working, and doing errands, doing stuff I usually do, and has his stuff to do on top of it. And then last night I got bitchy. I try not to get bitchy with him because he doesn't deserve it right now. He is doing his best. But it drives me bonkers when he says "in a minute", "later" or "tomorrow". He hasn't said that for anything I need personally...but yesterday when I mentioned that the pool needs chlorine really bad because it's dark green, he said he would do it tomorrow. It takes one minute to pour chlorine into the pool. I am the one who usually takes care of it, and if I could get down the stairs, bend over to pour the container I would do it myself. If he waits another day it will only get that much more difficult to clear up before closing it up.

I do understand his procrastination, no matter how frustrating it is for me...he is tired, has sore feet and . . .

we should really own a condo and have a homeowner's association do the maintenance. But he won't agree to it.