Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Anyone else lost in this last season of LOST?

I am becoming impatient. So far, not one question has even remotely been answered. What are the remaining main characters candidates for? What's with the side-by side two time frames flashing back and forth and when are the writers going to tie them together somehow?

What's with the scene of the island being underwater as if it had been sunk? Is one of the "candidates" going to be "elected" or chosen to end the life of the island itself and sink it in the end? What will happen to the characters? Will they all die? Will they all go back to where they were? Will the ending happen in the real world, just like if their lives had gone on and never went to the island?

And what's with last night's boring episode with Locke dragging Sawyer around the island only to lead him to some hole in the cliffs where it looks as if someone had been living there...which I suspect was the dwelling place of Jacob who was killed by Benjamin in the last season.

The whole temple thing is pretty weird, too. Jack, Kate, Jin, Sahid, and Hurley are all prisoners there at the temple and Sawyer escapes...and Kate and Jin sweet talk the leader of the temple into letting them go after Sawyer. Never would happen. Sawyer would be on his own. Then the confusing flashes of Claire who seems to have taken the place of Rousseau's rustic and armed woman hiding in the jungle character.

Guess I will give it some more time to get going, but I will be really disappointed if this thing doesn't end with excitement and answering questions. I will be really mad that I watched six seasons for nothing.

I'm back

Was away from my online journal here for awhile, but now am back and catching up with some posts. I have started the new year with more medical crap, RA and Lupus flare affecting the heart action, nodule in one lung they are keeping an eye on, and may start a round of Methotrexate in a few weeks if the Prednisone doesn't take care of things. What fun! Wonder if I can get my doctor to write me a prescription for a Caribbean Cruise???