Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Ahh...it's over

Well, another crazy Christmas at my parents' house has come and gone. It all went well, for the most part, except when our little 3-year-old nephew threw up on the carpet after getting upset when he thought his mother left him. (She had merely gone out to put stuff in the car.) I don't think I have been to a family gathering at my parents since my nephew was born when he hasn't thrown up. It's getting to be part of the tradition. It's funny to see everyone's reaction to this event. This year most everyone flocked to the kitchen area to look from afar as the child's mother wiped up the mess.

My brother was there with his wife and two grown sons, my sister and her boyfriend was there, too. (They had left before the barfing spectacle.) My other brother (the father of barfing boy) didn't come with his wife and two little kids because he had to work midnights and since they were at her mom's earlier in the day, he had to get some sleep, so she came alone with the kids. Their little daughter is a charming little thing, totally opposite from her hyperactive brother. She will cuddle and sit by anyone who will let her. Our oldest son was there, but our other son was out of state with his fiancee visiting his future in-laws and my daughter lives out east and had music gigs for the holidays and couldn't make it home. My sister's kids were not there either since her daughter lives far away with her family and her son had plans with his in-laws. It's hard to get everyone together anymore. Someone is always missing.

My mother always makes kind of an "assortment" of food that later messes with our digestive processes. We usually end up taking turns in the bathroom for the entire visit after we have eaten. This year the menu included baked spaghetti casserole, scalloped potatoes from a boxed mix, baked beans, ham, candied sweet potatoes, brocolli, rolls and butter. And there also was lots, and lots, and lots of candy and cookies.

For some reason, we are the ones who get to take the leftovers home and we need it the least for my husband and I are trying to watch our weight and blood pressure. Still, we ended up bringing home a hunk of ham, a bowl of sauerkraut and polish sausage, baked beans, and a box of rolls, and a whole tray of sweets and cookies.

We actually ate before the opening of presents this year. It was still chaotic, however. Present opening is always chaotic no matter whose family it is. The kids opened their's first and then we adults exchanged. I only buy for my parents now, and our kids...and the little ones. That's it. My parents gave me a nightgown, a Fairy calendar (I now have six calendars I received from people this year) and a box of sprays called "Sexy Musks." My oldest son gave us two boxes of candy (more candy!) and a dvd of "Animal House." Our other son and fiancee gave us our presents before they left and that was baking pans for me and a set of Robert Palmer cds for my husband. Our daughter said she had zero time to shop this year with all the traveling she has been doing for her music. We joke that she needs a personal assistant.

One more holiday to get through and we plan on celebrating New Year's eve at my parents' place and I plan on taking this tray of cookies and candies right back over there!

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