Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Burning cds

It took a scare after our last trip to make me realize that my husband's suggestion to make copies of all my cds was a good one. When we returned home from last trip, I could not find my case of cds for two days! I searched the van, I searched the house to make sure we didn't bring them inside. I searched the garage. I searched the ground around the van. I called my daughter in Philadelphia to make sure that I hadn't left them there. I was frantic and very sad!

With a great sigh of relief I found them! The case had slid far back under a middle seat in the van and with the case being black, blended into the darkness of the shadows. I then realized how much money would have been down the drain had I not found them! And I had all of my favorite cds in the case...most of my Elton John, U2, a 4-CD Led Zeppelin set, a collector Aerosmith, all of my INXS, and more!

So, I spent today burning all of the cds I like to take in the van to listen to while I am driving around. It's really monotonous, but will be worth not having to worry about losing them anymore.


Anonymous said...

Did you ever watch that show which INXS had to find a new lead singer? Was interesting. The first time I heard of the group. And yes, making copies of CD's is always a good idea. I do it all the time, especially with favourite CD's.

Stardust said...

Hi uma!

Yes, I was keeping track of that show. It was interesting. I don't like this new guy as much as I liked Michael Hutchence. But it's hard to get used to someone new when you are used to hearing someone else. Like Van Halen kept changing singers and none measured up to David Lee Roth.