Thursday, December 21, 2006

Love and happiness

I had a restless night. My children are on my mind. All I want for them in life is to be happy.

My daughter's boyfriend broke up with her over the telephone. Isn't that wonderful? It wasn't a long relationship, but I know she is sad, for this isn't the first time this has happened for her to be rejected via electronic communication.

Finding someone to love in today's world is difficult when "drama" seems to blind people from what is real. In my younger days, it was so much simpler because we focused on what is good, while today's society teaches the young to only see the bad in things and in other people. Also, they seem never satisified. Few things satisfy them, and they seem to think that they might be able to find something better instead of making their current lives the best they can be. Materialism pervades and distorts. Commercialism promotes this idea of perfection. There is no perfect. Perfection is elusive and unattainable. We are human. We are real. Not some characters on a television show.

My son, who works like crazy for his girl who he loves so very much, (and who we also have grown to love) tries so hard. I have seen him turn his life completely around for this person. He has "domesticated" and settled down. It is for this person who he has changed from an irresponsible and frustratingly confused person to a responsible and hard-working, clean-living young man. He has his flaws, and has made past mistakes he is not at all proud of. Bringing up past mistakes is futile if one is no longer making those same mistakes. What should outweigh all else is what kind of man he is now, and his commitment and love he has shown during the present relationship.

There is nothing, absolutely nothing that my husband could tell me about his past from before he met me that could change my love for him and make me not want to be with him (I don't even care to know about past mistakes and negative things). Love is blind to a lover's flaws...overlooks past mistakes. It matters not because he has been good to me...he loves me unconditionally and has given his life to me and would give his life for me, as I would him. The young people need to learn this.

To be truly happy, one must be happy with one's self. One cannot blame another for one's own unhappiness or disatisfaction in life. We have choices all the time...we can choose to be happy or uhappy and whether we are going to focus on the good of today instead of ghosts of a dead past.

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