Monday, December 18, 2006

Monday again

I thought I was all done with mailing stuff and happy that I would not have to wait in the insanely long lines at the post office, but found myself there anyway this morning. Though I gave my daughter, who lives in Philadelphia, her presents when we visited her over Thanksgiving weekend, I saw something that she would love while out shopping with my sister on Saturday and had to get it for her. (Actually, my sister pointed it out and said it would look good on M.) I can't write it here what it is and what it looks like because M might read this. (Hi M!, I miss you!)

I got there before the post office opens only to find the parking lot jammed! I went inside and a long line had already formed. Many of the people who were waiting had several good-sized packages to send and I wondered to myself why people wait until the very last week to do this stuff. I am a procrastinator about buying gifts and mailing stuff, but not that bad!

I waited about half an hour in a line to buy the gift, and then about 45 minutes to mail the small box. I hope you like it, M after all that! :-)

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