Wednesday, November 28, 2007

This is getting to be our furniture

You know you are getting old when your furniture starts pooping out. After more than 20 years, our Flexsteel furniture is finally getting "saggy", to say the least. There is nowhere I can comfortably sit anymore in our whole entire house with this bad back. Our diningroom chairs are all solid oak, and hard. I do have a "wedge" to sit on, but that I can only sit on for a few minutes at a time. I have a $2,000 massage chair that reclines, but that isn't supposed to be used as a regular chair, though Jon does all the time...and it's getting saggy, too! I am afraid the rollers are going to break.

Our sofa and love seat still look like new, however sit on the couch and it feels as if your butt is going to touch the floor. And try getting up from there even with a good back! The love seat isn't as worn, but still "soft" and not much support anymore. So where do I go to watch television or a DVD? I go lay in my waterbed. We have the kind of waterbed mattress where you can adjust the firmness by adding or taking out water. I have it filled to semi-firm and that is comfy. BUT at the moment it's hard to get in and out of when I plan to go lay down I make sure I go potty, get whatever I need and put it nearby so I don't have to get up and down, up and down.

I want one of those couches that are corner units with the recliners on each end. It would be nice if I can get my back better so I can go get a job to at least buy a new recliner for starters.

When people are married for 32 years, we need another shower...all of our stuff is getting so old!

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