Thursday, November 22, 2007

I really hate lawn inflatables. They are really a lazy attempt at lawn decorations. These things are ugly and obnoxious. For the past two years, our neighbors have put out an inflatable snowman and while I am in bed at night, I can hear the motor running that keeps it pumped up. They let it go very late into the night. Due to everyone working to pay for the mansion-sized houses they barely live in, they resort to these grotesque-looking monstrosities that just reflect how society has gotten just too damn busy for anything anymore.

Personally, we have never decorated the outside of our house. If I am going to put up lights and stuff, I want it inside where I can enjoy it. I am not into house decorating contests, or anything like that. I keep it simple. A tree, a few red bows and some silver garland. We always get a nice centerpiece from Jon's company, and we get cards from family and friends to hang on a wall. None of my decorations are inflatable and never will be.

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