Friday, November 23, 2007

Black Friday and I am not going anywhere today

well...except to physical therapy, and I am so feeling like canceling that. It's not doing any good anyway. Today, traffic is going to be insane around Chicagoland. The roads are going to be full of crazy people in mad shopping mode. I don't understand what could possibly be so important to buy to wait in line all night long for it, in your pajamas! Yes, pajamas. That's what the Chicago Tribune is reporting. People lined up all night long outside of stores, some WITH THEIR CHILDREN, and IN THEIR PAJAMAS. It's insane. What could anyone possible desire that much? The greed in this country is out of control. Even when we are told the economy is bad, just look around. People complain they have no money, and everything is so expensive, and gas prices are so high, and yet the malls are jammed, Mini-malls and strip malls are being built everywhere. And they are all busy.

I can't think of a single thing that I would want to buy so badly that I would stay up all night, and camp out in the freezing cold for. Not one thing do I desire that much. There isn't anything that I would want so badly to stand in line for more than ten minutes for. If I can't get what is on my shopping list, I will just get something else. What is it that makes people think they MUST give exactly what their kids want?

Even when our kids were little, and they wanted the popular toy that was advertised, if we couldn't find it shopping in a normal way, they got something else and were just as happy with it. We always told them that Santa would try but his elves could only make so many so he might bring something else that is cool. They were okay with that, and it taught them that you just don't get every stinkin thing you wish for. Life isn't like that.

AND you should be happy for what you already have. Most people aren't. They throw stuff away when they are bored with it. Or they stockpile things they never use and don't give it away to someone else who might want it.
We are a society of greed. I miss the simpler times when kids were happy with a couple of neat toys and books. When I was little we would ask Santa for a doll, or car, or books, etc. Nowdays kids want full computer systems, stereo systems, and iPods, ALL IN ONE CHRISTMAS. AND THEY GET IT.

And we wonder what is wrong with the world.


Poodles said...

Hope you get feeling better soon.

Stardust said...

Thanks Poodles...hope you are doing well. Haven't seen you around in awhile.

Poodles said...

I know, I was in Vegas. Stop by the blog, I have a new picture of the puppies up.