Monday, November 26, 2007

Dad's birthday gathering

Had a family gathering yesterday for Dad's 79th birthday. My sister, and her son and grandson were there, my youngest brother's wife and their two little kids, and my older younger brother and his wife and one of his sons were also there.

My great-nephew is 2, my youngest brother's kids are 2 and 4. The kids crack me up all the time. I think little kids are hilarious. My sister's grandson (my great-nephew) wanted cake so badly. She had told him that he was going to Papa's to have cake. Well, when they got there he had to wait...then had to eat a hot dog first before cake...then had to wait. Poor kid probably thought we were all lying to him about the cake because it got later and later and no cake appeared!

Finally, it was cake time and we all sang along with the little ones who sang
"Happy Birthday to Pa
Happy Birthday to Pa
Happy Birthday dear
Happy Birthday to Pa!"

It was so cute.

Then little J got his cake. :)

Dad doesn't seem at all 79-years-old. He still scoots around like a young man of 60! He's had his share of medical problems, but like the energizer bunny and keeps going and going and going! He is always busy with something, which is why he probably is still able to get around so well. As the saying goes, "move it or lose it."

Dad got a lot of cool presents. I was "coveting" a collection of stand-up comic DVDs my mom got him. He also got a shirt, some sexy-smelling men's cologne, some candy, a gift card, a dvd of A River Runs Through It (great flick) and other goodies.

It was nice to see everyone again. I hadn't been over to see anyone since my brother's birthday back at the beginning of October.


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