Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Oh my aching back!

This is one of the most frustrating things a person can have...back pain. I went to therapy yesterday and they basically could do nothing except electrical stimulation, and a huge moist heat pack on my right butt cheek. My muscles were hard as a rock and movement is still quite limited. I went in the hot tub last night and that helps while I am in there. The buoyancy of the water just takes all the pressure off. I wish I could sleep in the hot tub, as everything relaxes in the hot, steamy water. I don't even have to have the jets on to feel relief.

BUT when I lift myself out of the water, and gravity takes over, it all compresses again and the pain comes back. I alternate between heat and ice, heat and ice. I am not supposed to try any exercises for a few days until I can get the pain under control. I am so sick of things hurting. I try not to take pain meds because of all the other crap I am taking, and so am taking only about 1/3 of the amount prescribed. I don't need liver problems on top of everything else. But the thing about that is more pain to try to deal with as naturally as I can...which usually means less movement, which leads to more stiffness. There is a chain reaction to everything. Take more meds, more medical side effects, take less...more pain and physical side effects. It's like a Catch-22.

I think we figured out why I am having back problems again despite my being on a diet, losing more than 50 pounds this year, and taking better care of myself. One thing is the gallbladder/adhesion removal surgery. It weakened abdominal muscles that I need to support my back better. Then also the gout in the feet which is making me walk funny, which affects the ankles, then the hips, and alignment of the spine. That throws everything off.

I will keep on keepin' on...keep trying to get things fixed and maybe someday I can get all this crap straightened out and feel good again.

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