Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Pig-out and Football Day

Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers! (I am up to an average of 53 a day and almost to the 40,000 visitor mark!)

We had originally planned to go to my parents' place, but plans got changed and we are staying home. It's probably for the best. For one, it's hard for me to ride in a car for any distance right now, and secondly, I can't eat all that traditional Thanksgiving food.

I am going to try to make a good Thanksgiving dinner that I can eat. We are having broiled chicken breasts, plain baked sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, deviled eggs (my husband and son hate these so I am making only two of them for me), Pepperidge Farm stuffing (which I will only be able to eat a small amount of since it's so full of salt), seasoned green beans, corn medley, and dinner rolls. I will also make a pumpkin pie (of which I can only have a sliver, with fat free Cool Whip), and hubby bought his Oreo Chocolate Cream Pie which he and my son can eat. I might have a bite.

I was watching a bit of the Macy's parade and it's sure not like when I was a kid. It's all Broadway advertisement now, and watching bits of acts from the Broadway musicals. I like watching the bands, and seeing the floats and balloons, but now it's so boring with the musical productions. Yawn. I put on the parade from Chicago and that moves so slowly and has so many boring entries that it's hard to even pay attention to it.

It's snowing right now. Coming down very softly. It's the first snow of the year and we are supposed to get three inches by tonight. It's very weird to see that my snapdragons are still in full bloom into late November with snow falling on them. I have never seen that happen before. The flowers are confused this year since it had been so unusually warm this season, so far.

Jon is watching The Man Who Knew Too Much starring Jimmy Stewart and Doris Day. They don't make movies like they used to. The old movies are best.

Going to go make my two deviled eggs now and watch some more parade stuff. Even if they are lame now, it doesn't seem like Thanksgiving unless I watch at least some of the parade.

Hope you all have a real nice holiday with friends and family.

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