Monday, November 19, 2007

Medication can cause this to happen

My poor Mom got stuck in the bathtub not too long ago. I think it was Claritin-D that did it (correct me if I am wrong, Mom). She was real sick and congested, but she is also 70-years-old and doctors should be more careful when prescribing stuff to older people. When she was in the bathroom, she got dizzy and fell backwards into the tub and my Dad wasn't home to help her. I forget now how she managed to get out, if she was there till my father got home or what. I will have to ask her and update this. But the Herman comic made me think of that happening to her.

My new medicine is making me googy. Sometimes the room feels like it is spinning when I stand up and I am only on two pills a day now, and have to go up to three pills a day on Wednesday. My doctor and pharmacist assured me that these feelings will go away as I adjust to the medicine, but I need to drive myself to therapy and back. I will have to drink a lot of coffee and sake the side roads there. No major streets and only go there and back. It would be nice if I had a chauffer!

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