Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Laundry brain fart

I must be getting senile. I did a really dumb thing yesterday and put a cream-colored bedroom rug in with a blue kitchen rug and guess what? bled and my cream rug turned purple-gray. I am so pissed at myself. I didn't wash the one on the other side of the bed because it wasn't dirty, but this one was because it's more walked on. So, I had to go replace the we have money to re-buy stuff...NOT. But I had a Kohl's cash coupon for $10 and so got $10 off the stuff I bought today.

I also bought a new knit sweat-suit for physical therapy so I don't have to keep wearing capris in cold weather. I only had capri sweat pants that are 15 years old. This is a nice Danskin outfit and is a regular large instead of the Women's sizes I used to have to buy (nice way of saying "fat" sizes). The pants are black with a sky blue stripe down the side of the legs, and the shirt is sky blue. Pretty spiffy.

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