Friday, February 16, 2007

Working at home "challenges"

I am still getting set up for my work-at-home job and I hope this isn't a precurser of what is to come. I received a phone call a few days ago from Carrie at Human Resources saying that they received my paperwork but needed two extra things (there is always SOMETHING ELSE!) So, I gave the documents to my husband who faxed them from work for me, and he got verification that they received the documents. I thought all was well and good until I received an email from the company about my computer verification survey that I wrote about HERE.

Two days ago, I received an email saying that I didn't meet their computer requirements since I didn't have Internet Explorer and SPak2. I guess the second survey didn't cancel out the first one that I interrupted to see if we had Internet Explorer. I sent a third one, and gave Carrie at HR a phone call to let her know that I do indeed have Internet Explorer 2 and Service Pak 2 and that I sent the survey a third time. Carrie was quite impatient and said that if it doesn't go through again, to give her a call then. Otherwise it would be fine. Well, then I get ANOTHER email from their Tech Support saying that I need to fill out a WHOLE NEW SURVEY. Oh my gosh, these people are beginning to really annoy the hell out of me and I haven't even started working for them yet!

I filled out the newest compatibility survey, sent it on it's way and we shall wait and see what happens next. If this setting up is this much of a pain in the ass, I wonder what training will be like???

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