Saturday, February 17, 2007


I love to dream while I am asleep. They are like little movies your mind makes up while you are unconscious. Two nights ago I had an "action" type dream and then last night it was kind of interesting but boring at the same time and all I can say is it is because I talked to my daughter before going to sleep and I miss her very much.

The night before last, I dreamed we were preparing for a tornado that was approaching and we were trying to figure out where to hide. We were in our house, but it didn't look like our house. My husband was shouting orders to get under something, and as we were climbing in closets and under tables the walls of the house were blown away...whole. They were flying away in whole sections, leaving the rooms exposed and despite all the wind blowing us, our hair, papers around...everything else stayed still. Nothing really happened. Just a lot of excited yelling over the sound of the roaring winds.

Then last night was a really weird one. My daughter was the center of this one. We were at her apartment and it looked like she lived in an Eastern European neighborhood...real shabby and run down. I was trying to talk her into moving back home, telling her that the life she was living was no kind of life where one can be happy and she was arguing with me that she was fine. Her apartment was psychedelic colored and very 60s-ish. She had long hair parted in the middle and had on jeans like in the 60s. She went out with friends while we waited at the apartment, then we went out to sightsee for awhile, and then when we got back, she still wasn't back yet. So we played with her cat, Doggie, who didn't look like her cat at all, but a big furry poofy dog. M's friend came back, but no M. Eventually, she came back and acted tired and said she wanted to take a nap, and she did as we sat there and watched her sleep. (That's what usually happens in reality when we visit...she relaxes and goes to sleep...and we wait for her to wake up to go out and do something together or to eat.) Anyway, in the dream my husband and I were pacing around trying to decide if we should just go home or not.

I haven't had a dream in a long time, so glad to have something to add in my dream journal the past two nights. :-)

Doggie and M...
sleeping during one of our visits.
(Mary dressed Doggie up like a little Polish lady. Doggie must have liked it because she didn't try to push it off.)

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