Saturday, February 03, 2007


Whatever happened to good television? What happened to the programs that actually entertained? I don't even bother turning the television on when I am home alone because all that is on are judge shows, soap operas with stories that go round and round in boring vicious circles, reality cop shows, reality slut shows, greedy game shows, or sports. News media monopolizes most channels today that focus on the negatives and the warring and all of the crap that goes on in the world. My husband is a tv-a-holic, but it is something that I can live without.

Studies show that more and more people are depressed each year. With all of the problems of the world, and too much reality television, it's no wonder why the Psychology and Psychiatry professions are so lucrative. Not that it would be the answer to serious depression, but what would help us all is to bring back the variety shows. When I was a kid my family and I watched Ed Sullivan Show which featured many of our famous artists from Nat King Cole to the Beatles. And there was also Hollywood Palace, which was another popular, long-running Saturday night variety show of the mid-to-late 1960's, originating from the Hollywood Palace Theater (formerly the El Capitan) on Hollywood Boulevard. There was a revolving guest host, usually a singer or comedian, each week. My mom, dad and sister and brothers would gather around to watch these programs together and we really enjoyed the hour of real entertainment. Other shows like Lawrence Welk, Laugh-In, Carol Burnett and Sonny and Cher were just a few of the others programs that entertained and made us feel good.

Today, we have the Comedy channel (which isn't for young children most of the time), and there are shows and sit coms that come and go, but there are few programs on the boob tube where we can find singing and dancing, clean family comedy, and shows that inspire family values. That's why I like Everybody Loves's family oriented and "real". But, alas, that series has ended and I don't watch television enough to even know if there is anything like it on right now.

I must be getting old if I am longing for the good-old-days.

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