Sunday, February 04, 2007

Superbowl Sunday

I usually don't watch football, but since the Bears were playing, I agreed to go along to a Superbowl party my son asked us to that his best friend was throwing at his place. This friend happens to have a projection television and my husband was all excited about that. So, we traipsed out into the bitter cold , bringing along a couple of bean dips that I couldn't eat and some 2-liter bottles of pop I couldn't drink and headed over there for the evening. We are friends with my son's friend's parents, and since we hadn't seen them in awhile, I was glad they were going to be there to prevent sheer boredom on my part. My son's fiancee was also there, but was interested in the game because if the Bears had won, she wouldn't have had to start work till noon tomorrow. Unfortunately, she has to get up early tomorrow because the Bears played so crappily. :(

Billy Joel came out to sing the national anthem and did a pretty bad job of it. His voice is awful now and he looks like a grandpa! He used to have this big fro of a hairdo back in the 70s, but now it's nearly completely gone (and so is his voice)!

The first play of the game was exciting. Kick off and then a touch down, immediately by Chicago. But that was about the only exciting play Chicago made. The rest of the game was poopy. It started to rain and the ball kept slipping out of the players' hands. Players kept dropping the ball and then all scrambling to throw themselves on top of it each time it got away. It looked more like a game of keep away!

The halftime entertainment was crappy, too. Of all the great entertainers, bands, etc out there, who do they get? The Artist Formerly Known As Prince, and he comes out in an Aunt Jemima scarf around his hair so as not to let the rain get his shellacked hairdo wet. I don't know if it was the rain that made him sound so bad, or if he just sounds bad now. He was trying to do a Hendrix thing and turned out sounding like car parts being put through a metal processor. I was waiting for one of the dancing girls to slip in the puddles that were forming on the slick stage platform. Not that I wanted anyone to get hurt, but falling on a tushy would have added a big of zip to the act.

The best part about the Superbowl were the commercials. My favorite one was the the Blockbuster rabbit and guinea pig learning how to use a mouse. I also liked Rock, Scissors, Paper and the Beard Comb Over. You can find all these clips here at this LINK.

Even though the game sucked, we still had laughs, and a nice to catch up with old friends, and to see our son and fiancee who we don't get to see much anymore! (If you read this J&W, we are waiting for a visit!)

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