Thursday, February 01, 2007

Doctor crap

I hate going to the doctor and try to avoid it even if I am having problems. Well, sometimes problems force one to go even when they don't want to. I have had this cold for too long, and then I have this ongoing thing with leg/feet swelling, especially that my right leg swells up like a damn balloon and then recently have been getting strange chest pains...and I get extremely out of breath just doing laundry. So, reluctantly I made an appointment for yesterday morning.

Dr. did find that I have a pretty bad sinus infection and gave me some Biaxin and cortisone nasal spray, but I knew that wasn't the end of it. It never stops with an office visit. Things always evolve into lab work, xrays, urinalysis, and this time, a chemically-induced stress echocardiogram that is expected to keep me there for four to six hours!

It's stinkin' cold outside and what do I have to do? The first visit I could find no place to park close to the entrance of the huge clinic where my doctor is. I had to park about a distance of a block and a half away and walk in. Then wait, wait wait. . . .they are never on time. I was finally called into the office and waited, waited, waited some more and began feeling awful so had my head leaned back against the wall and my eyes closed (my eyes are really bugging me with this thing). Dr. knocked and came in and said "hi, how are. . . .oh, you don't look so good." I thought to myself, "no shit Sherlock!" but kept my sarcasms to myself. Do they read the charts to see why a patient is there before entering the room?

Anyway, he didn't like my swollen leg, or that I was having chest pains and ignored them, and that I seem to be retaining lots of, the sinus infection was quickly diagnosed and prescription written, but he said I needed a bunch of tests and needed them all done this week.

So, today I had to traipse out in the cold with my sinus infection to have blood work and other lab stuff done...and again I had to park a zillion miles away and walk in the bitter cold. And, tomorrow, I have to get up before the light of day to get to the hospital to have the chemical stress test done.

When the cardiology department from the hospital called with instructions and to explain what was going to be done, the woman said that they would give me an IV and drip this medicine into my veins to make my heart race. OH BOY...WHOOOPEEEE I am looking forward to that! (Couldn't they just have my husband come in and aggravate me for a few minutes intead?) Then they will do an echocardiogram with my heart pounding. They reassured me that there will be full staff present "just in case". "Just in case of what?" I asked nervously. The person I was setting this all up with said in a sweet voice, "well, there could be a little problem if we can't get your heart rate back down, or if you have a heart attack". I have thought about canceling this off and on all day, but I look at my swollen feet and legs, and think I am just going to have to do this thing.

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