Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Unfortunately they were right

Unfortunately, the weather forecasters were right and we have been getting a winter storm like we haven't had in awhile. It started snowing in the wee hours of the morning and has been coming down steadily all day long. The wind is what makes it really bad, otherwise it would be no huge deal because we Chicagoans are used to snow, and wind...but together they can make traveling miserable. O'hare cancelled more than 400 flights today. M was supposed to be on one of those flights to come for an audition and to visit us. I am sad we didn't get to visit her. We haven't seen her since the end of November. Damned weather!

Fortunately, though...everyone has made it home from work safely, though it took a lot longer than it usually does for them. The streets are snow-covered and slick. The plows get the roads cleared and the wind blows the snow right back over again. Our middle son, who is a semi-truck driver started out to the terminal to pick up his rig today and turned around and went back home, called his Driver Manager and said he was not driving in this mess today. His DM was a little ticked, apparently because lots of drivers were calling off, and my son said that was not his problem...safety first! Trucking companies don't care if a driver dies, or if a truck gets wrecked. They can hire a new driver and buy a new truck. Drivers must look out for themselves and too many don't and end up rolled over on a slick ramp or crossing over a median and killing someone or themselves...or both sometimes.

Snow is supposed to continue late into the night, with strong winds causing near white-out conditions in many places. All this is headed to the northeast to those folks in New York who are already buried in several feet of the white crap. They are shoveling snow off their rooftops. I am glad I don't live there.

Can't wait for springtime when I am able to open the windows and let the breezes of the fresh air flow into the house.

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