Friday, March 27, 2009

Steak and Shake milkshakes are the best

Yesterday after therapy Jon and I stopped at Steak and Shake for dinner. Haven't been there in so long, and I know eating out is bad but I had a craving for a large, thick milkshake from there. I also got an order of mini flavor bite burgers. They are similar to Burger King's Burger Bites (which I crave often) but these at Steak and Shake come in different flavors, Chipotle, A-1 Steak Sauce, BBQ, Frisco, and regular ketchup and mustard. Since they come three to a meal I got the Chipotle, A-1 and ketchup and mustard. I love their very thin cut French fries they serve with their burgers here. And I got a vanilla milkshake to go with.

Jon got the usual hamburger and fries and a chocolate shake. He got two sides to go with his meal and he got a strange combo...baked beans and chili. Two things with beans. Oh least it's fiber! LOL! He had said that he shouldn't eat that stuff since he is trying to lose weight, but after going in there and smelling the good burger smells and seeing the menu for the milkshakes, he couldn't help himself. My bad for sabotaging his desire to eat better.

We won't be making a habit of going to Steak and Shake to eat, but it's fun once in awhile.

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