Friday, March 27, 2009

On a positive note . . .

I am FINALLY making progress with my foot! I've been going to this new place called Accelerated which is located the next town over, but is well worth going over there for. My physical therapist, Jill is great. She does massage first and gets things all loosened up and then I go through a series of exercises, then she finishes up with electrical stimulation where they put these electrodes in certain places on the foot and then wraps it in an ice pack for about 20 minutes. The last steps do a great deal to manage the pain.

The couple of new exercises I did yesterday were so painful. I felt like I was going to pass out at one point. But as I kept doing it, it actually got better. The foot has to get used to feeling stuff again, and it's going to hurt in the process. The more I do these exercises, the stronger and better the foot feels.

At first, because it's all tightened up it hurts a lot, but gets better as I go along. It still hurts, but has eased up tremendously.
I'm really excited also to be attempting to walk using only one crutch. I practice this a few times a day and it's getting better each time. I am determined to walk on my own by next month!

I want to be able to drive again and go out with friends, or alone and shop at my favorite places and be able to take my time. Jon has been great to take me out when I want to go, and he takes me out to eat often, etc. but when we go to the store it's in and out...get what you want and pay for it is the way he likes to shop. Most women like to browse around and see if we run into something cool to buy. Most men don't care about that. They know what they want, see no need to shop for other stuff they don't need, and get out.

I'm hoping that my sister can come out and take me somewhere next weekend. I miss visiting with her since we always have a good time when we are together. I can't go shopping for a long period of time, but just to a store or two and lunch would be awesome.
And I am really looking forward to taking a walk down the street, and then around the block. It's something how we take walking for granted. I never will again after going through all this the past year. And will be very careful to keep myself in shape, good nutrition and exercise so I can enjoy my "golden years" to the fullest.

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