Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A day and a half left

I love the image here to the left of the legs walking. I am so looking forward to walking again, alone without a leg brace, without crutches or the help of a walker. I want to be independent again. I miss just walking out to the mailbox. I miss being able to stand to take a regular shower. I want my leg back!

Only a day and a half left till I am out of this dreadful plaster cast and into a walking boot and starting therapy. I go to the surgeon on Thursday, March 12th. The closer the time comes to take this damn thing off, the more impatient I become. I am planning on the x-rays being good so they can saw this thing off and give me a boot. I don't relish the idea of being in the boot for four more weeks, but it beats this hunk of concrete I have been dragging around for six weeks!

I've been going stir crazy lately. Everyone is at work or off doing things and here I am. Alone for much of the day, not able to even get outside to my deck for some fresh air. Jon takes me out when he gets home, even though he is tired from work. We went out last night for some dinner to his favorite place, Mindy's and had ribs. I got the child's basket since I shouldn't be eating that stuff, but hey...can't be good all the time! I like how they have the child's menu. All the same stuff but portions I can handle.

Next week I start working for that online scoring company. There is a new project starting up for 8th grade math or science. I don't know which I will be assigned to yet, but I don't really care. They are all word problems and they give us the rubric as a guide. It's not that hard at all, except sometimes deciding whether to give a kid a point for something or not because of the way he wrote it can be kind of confusing. I love working at home and wish this work was more steady. It's pretty much a twice a year thing, spring and fall. ACTs are also scored in the fall, though there are a couple of weeks when there are retakes to score.

After my foot and ankle, are healed and the back doctor clears me for working out of the home, I am going to apply for jobs. I'll probably try to get back into a marketing department since that is where my experience is ...graphics, writing copy and doing layouts, etc. I don't really want to do that sort of work, but can't be choosy in these economic times and looking online I see that there are no jobs for writers anywhere.

I need to start working on my own writing and try to get that book of short stories published. I am such a procrastinator. I also should be drawing and painting more, but am too lazy to get the stuff out even when I'm not in a wheel chair. I should really strive to change that.

I need to stop watching trash television. It's pretty bad when I find myself addicted to crap like Gs to Gents, Rock of Love with man whore Bret Michaels, and Tool Academy, For the Love of Ray J, and I Love Money. It's incredible that these things are even on the air with the women running around with their boobs hanging out and thong bathing suit bottoms that show everything.

I do watch a good program called House. I want a doctor like House. He knows everything and can figure out what to do about any injury, conditition or illness. I love his sarcasm, it's hilarious. And I can relate to his pill-popping for his leg injury because I know how bad orthopedic pain from injury, surgery and degeneration can be. However, i think that House pops pills to kill another sort of pain . . . the pain of loneliness.

Off to bed now to read a bit and will probably fall asleep after one or two paragraphs.

One and a half more days...woo hoo!

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