Thursday, March 12, 2009

New Kitchen sink and faucet

We went to Lowe's today, as I mentioned in the previous post, to look at sinks and faucets for our upstairs kitchen. We have to buy new because we are putting our old stainless steel sink in the new downstairs kitchen. I have always wanted a white porcelain sink. They look so clean and shiny. We got the stainless steel when we first built our house 21 years ago, and that was what was "in" at the time. We thought also that it would be easier to upkeep, and it's not. Stainless steel is NOT stainless and takes a lot of constant attention to keep looking nice.

Then, I don't like the faucet pictured with the sink shown in the sink image, and I wanted one of those high faucets and a very shiny chrome one, so here is the faucet to the left that I chose to go with the sink. I like the high ones for filling tall pots, washing my hair if I can't do it in the shower like recently, etc. It's just more convenient for things like filling water cans and buckets. I am going to LOVE it.

The downstairs kitchen is nearly done. The walls are painted, cabinets in and now just have to get that counter top in and get the sink in and the stove connected and then Jeff and Whitney will finally have their own kitchen. I am sure that Whitney will be as thrilled as me getting my kitchen back to myself. A woman must have her own cooking space. Right now all of their stuff is upstairs in my kitchen, and food and stuff on my table and then they come up early in the morning before work (at 4:30 and then 6:00 am) to make smoothies in their blender and that is what I have been waking up to just about every morning since they moved in. I usually can go back to sleep, but not all the time. Doesn't bother Jon because he is gone by the time they come up and do this, since he leaves the house around 4:15 am. I know they can't help it, they need to have breakfast. I just wish Jon had been a bit faster at this project. It was his idea, and we got all excited, then he is a very busy person, too so really can't blame him for being tired. It's just so close now, and I am trying not to nag.

So, pretty exciting stuff. From them moving in with us gave Jon the reason he needed to finally finish the downstairs level and turn it into a complete other house with a bedroom (workout room could be a second bedroom) and a large family/living area with fireplace, a full bathroom, large kitchen that is larger than our upstairs kitchen, and a big foyer area...lots of closet space and it's just great down there now. Still lots of little stuff to do, but the major stuff is done.

Then we have to start redoing upstairs. We need to paint the livingroom, kitchen hallway, foyer and one bedroom. We painted the office a couple years ago so it's okay, and we did the bathrooms just a few years ago, they are okay. Master bedroom is okay and the third bedroom needs to be done again. We need a new garage door, and a new roof...and need a new deck...and we need to fix the fence in places, dig out the remaining crappy shrubbery and put in something that comes in nice and pretty each year, and then blacktop the driveway, put on a new mailbox, new lights for the front of the house and garage....

This is why I need to get this damn foot better so I can find a job!

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