Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day even if you aren't Irish. I happen to have some Irish blood, from my father's side. His family background is English, Irish, Scottish and a bit of Native American.

I always looked forward to corned beef and cabbage on St Paddy's day, but can't eat that anymore because of the enormous salt content. One bite of corned beef is like eating a couple teaspoons of salt. But it's soooo tasty and I really miss having it.

They dyed the Chicago River green again, as they do each year. I watch it on television and a bit of the parade down State Street, but have never gone down to watch them dye the river green. Maybe next year, when I can walk.

Here is a video of the river being dyed green in Chicago.

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Cole said...

Happy St. Patricks Day again!

My family doesn't really celebrate St. Patrics day very often. We do have some Irish in us. My 8th great grandfather was Benjamin Franklin Bryant the Irishman who fought alot of the indians. I've got more German than Irish in me though. As a matter of fact my last name is German. It doesn't seem like it at first because of the spelling but the way it's spelt now isn't the way it was originally spelled. It use to be spelled:


But was changed to:


causing the confusion with the French who have a word spelled exacly the same way but pronounced differently.

Houx in french means holly tree but it's not actually the same word as my last name.

Anyway, loved the video of the boat turning the water green.