Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Miller is a stinker

As cute as she can be most of the time, sometimes Millie can be a real stinker. It's not all her fault, though. I haven't been able to take her out and give her a bath and let her do her business in the toilet like she is trained to do. Yes, she is trained to go in the toilet! How did I do it? I just see that she is "big" and carry her to the bathroom, hold her under her front arms and her tail and her hind feet are danging and then she knows it's time to "go", and she does. Then flush, rinse her hiney off a little bit and she's all done.

She just hates going in her tank. She holds it till she looks like she is going to blow up. She was like that the past couple days and there isn't a good way for me to try to get her out and take her into the bathroom since our bathroom door isn't wide enough to get the wheel chair through and I have to use the walker to get in there. Can't use a walker and carry a lizard at the same time, especially one who is ready to let loose of her load any min

So, today she could no longer hold it in there, and she let it go in her tank and to make matters worse, she was sitting in it! Now, I couldn't just leave her in that all day long, and the longer it sits the harder it is to clean up and she looked so incredibly sad, poor thing.

I managed to get my chair next to the tank and stood up on one foot, reaching in with a bunch of paper towels and an old Burger King bag and wiped up as much as I could and then got an old towel, put her in it and then took her to the sink for a bath. She doesn't like water, so giving her a bath entails her scratching the hell out of my hands but she couldn't stay that way.

I got her all clean and put her back and then had to go back and sanitize the sink which meant rolling around the house trying to locate bleach and rags. What fun!

The other day she was a bit of a stinker, too. While Miller is usually very tranquil and doesn't make any noise at all (lizards have no vocal cords), something about Whitney's flute playing was making her go bonkers. Whitney was trying to record some things for an auditon CD she was making and Miller wasn't going to let her. She was too overjoyed with the sound of the music that was being played. She ran back and forth in her tank, scratching and making all sorts of racket. Her head was a-bobbin' up and down like Beardies do when they are happy. She was so distracting to Whitney that Jeff had to come upstairs and bring Miller in a towel to my bedroom.

Miller was on my lap contemplating an escape, but she couldn't get away from me. She was looking at me with this funny look in her eyes and I thought, uh-oh, I opened some gauze bandages I had sitting on my dresser, just in case, and sure enough...she started pooping right in my lap! I was calling for Jeff or Whitney who were both downstairs and forgot I had Miller on my lap and they didn't hear me. The stench from these little critters can be quite over-powering when they poop...even though her tank never smells. Finally, I managed to get my phone and ring downstairs and they came up and rescued me from the awful predicament I was in. Had to sanitize my hands, and sprayed a half a can of Febreeze all around my bedroom.

No matter how big or small a critter is, they can be a handful.

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