Saturday, March 01, 2008

Garrett's Popcorn

This is the BEST popcorn in the entire world. Jon and I went up to the north side today to test drive the clown car I wrote about HERE, and on the way back down I-94 we swung by downtown Chicago to go to Garrett's to get some caramel pecan popcorn and caramel/cheese popcorn. I know it's not good for me, but haven't had this in so long and plan to graze on it all weekend. If you let it sit too long it become soggy, so have to eat it up right away, which is fine with me. It's buttery, sweet and crunchy...deeelicious!

As for the clown car (Smart car made by Mercedes Benz), it was so tiny! And all the men who showed up for a test drive today were all big and tall. Too funny! I could not contain my amusement. Jon had made this appointment a few weeks ago to test drive this toy, and that is exactly what it felt like...a toy. It was smaller than the Mini Cooper we test drove a few weeks ago. But he thinks it's fun. So, since the salesman convinced me of its safety features, which is a safety cage sort of a walnut-shaped protection that is around the whole thing, hubby can go ahead and get it if he wants one that badly. All the new vehicles we have ever bought in our thirty-three years of marriage have gone to me while he drove all the old ones to work. So, if he wants a toy to have fun with on the way to and from work, then I am not going to stand in his way.

There is a year-long waiting list if you want to buy one. He didn't sign up for that and is just going to see how the list looks in a year, if they are sold like a regular car by then. In the meantime he says he will keep looking. I don't think the gas mileage is so great for that tiny of a car. It gets 41 mpg and I was expecting something the size of a motorcycle to get at least 60 mpg. There are a few new cars coming out that are supposed to get over 60, so maybe he will change his mind in the next year. We shall see!


Poodles said...

I like the smart car too, but I haven't driven one yet. I would like to see my husband try and get in one though.

Stardust said...

poodles, he will fit just fine. There were guys there to try it out who had to be 300 lbs or more. They were not only real tall, but real big around, too. They look a bit funny though because as they drive off in it you can see this big person in this tiny car. But my husband and I both fit in there side by side. It only has room for about three bags of groceries in the back and what I don't like is that it has no spare tire. There is a tire inflater to pump your flat up without getting out of the car and just enough to get you to a place to get a new tire or get that one repaired. I don't like that. I want a spare. So...if he wants a little car my choice would be the Mini Cooper, but since he will be driving it I don't really care what he gets. There is no really big gasoline savings enough to warrant such a tiny car. It only gets 41 mph on the highway and I know there are bigger cars out there that get better than that.

tina FCD said...

I'm a popcorn fan and that looks mighty good!