Thursday, March 27, 2008

Humans are so funny

Why is it that we are so big and afraid of things that are so small? I mean, we can easily crush the poor little things under the heel of our shoe, but instead we jump up onto chairs and scream, or we do like this dude did and run like the wind . . .

LINK: Man flees home half naked to evade a mouse

BERLIN (Reuters) - A man in Germany fled his home half naked for cold, snow-swept streets to escape a mouse in his living room, authorities said on Thursday.

"He said there was nothing he was more afraid of," police in Goettingen said in a statement.

After an emergency call in the early hours, officers in the central town found the 23-year-old wearing only his boxer shorts and slippers at a phone booth near his home.

The man told police he had seen the mouse scurry across the floor while he was watching a film, and had fled immediately.

Police failed to track down the animal, but told the man it was safe to go home. He went to relatives instead.

(Reporting by Dave Graham)

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