Monday, March 24, 2008

Willie's Weenie Wagon

I normally try to stick to my strict diet I must be on because of my salt-sensitivity problem, but this evening I cheated for dinner and got a Chicago-style hot dog and an order of fries along with a large frosty mug of Berghoff’s root beer at Willie’s Weenie Wagon. This Retro diner offers burgers, hot dogs, tamales, beef sandwiches and French Fries, potato chips and soft-serve ice cream. But the novelty at this place is the variety of old name-brand bottled sodas. All flash-backs from the past: Green River, Dad’s Old Fashioned Root Beer, Cheerwine, Pepsi and Coke in the old bottles, Blue Cream Soda, Orange Crush, and many other different kinds.

The interior of the place is like a step back in time, even though it’s new construction. The booths are all chrome and stainless steel. Old tin signs hang on the walls advertising soda pop and foods from the 50s and 60s. Old time music also plays over the sound system. It was a nice little nostalgic meal.

What’s on a Chicago-style hot dog? Start out with a poppy-seed bun. Then add a Vienna all-beef frank, mustard (never ketchup), chopped onion, sweet relish, tomato, a dill pickle slice and celery salt. (hot peppers optional)

Why is a place that is located in a strip mall called Willie's Weenie Wagon? Because back in the 50s the business started as a little trailer that sold only steamed hot dogs on the sidewalks of the city.

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