Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Today was a sock, slipper, pajama and Olive Garden day

Lately, especially since the RA has flared up in my feet again, I have been obsessed with warm socks and comfy footwear. Hubby is on vacation this week so we have been doing some shopping and out to eat sometimes. Today we did a bit of both.

We went to Filene's Basement which has become my favorite store. Last time I was there about a month ago I found these awesome wool socks that are so cuddly and warm. They are very thick so can't really wear shoes with them. They are more like slippers. I wanted to get a couple more pairs of those because I hadn't been wanting to part with the pair I had, even to wash them and they were getting to be a bit smelly. So, today I bought a few more pairs of those, and a pair for my daughter and also a pair for my soon-to-be daughter-in-law. They both have really cold feet so I am sure they are going to appreciate them. In addition to the socks, I found these really nice fake down booty slippers! They are like wrapping each foot in it's own little comforter. The ones I have are styled like in the photo, but are entirely light blue on the outside, and tan on the inside. I had them on while laying on my bed and watching America's Top Model and my feet were nice and toasty.

Yes, I like America's Top Model, as silly as it is. I also got sucked into watching an episode of The Pussycat Dolls. I like that America's Best Dance Crew. It's amazing how those young kids can move! I am hoping Kaba Modern wins, but I have a hunch that the judges like Jabberwockeez the best and it will probably win. I also am ashamed to say that I am addicted to Flavor of Love even though he is the ugliest little man, but seems to have a great sense of humor and likes to have fun. I don't get all these shows though where there are all these young women acting like sluts trying to get a man that isn't even that good looking. Like Rock of Love's Bret Michaels. He's an aging rock star and some of the women going after him have resembled Peg Bundy from Married With Children and they are all older but act like 18-year-olds and quite bizarre to watch. It can't be for real. I think these reality shows are a lot like the fake championship wrestling hubby watches. I make fun of that, but must admit that these reality shows aren't any better.

I think I got off track here a little bit. Back to telling you about my shopping spree at Filene's Basement. I got several pairs of socks, those booty slippers, and I found a pair of $60 designer knit soft pink pajamas for only $14.

We went to Olive Garden for lunch and got the all-you-can-eat soup, salad and breadsticks. I can only eat one bowl of soup and a bowl of salad and two breadsticks. Jon had two bowls of soup and all the rest of the salad I didn't eat and a few breadsticks. My favorite soup there is the Zuppa Toscana. I found a recipe for it online here.

After eating lunch, we went to pick up the heads for our son's car that Jon is working on while on vacation. Then we went pricing garage doors. Ours is disintegrating right off the hinges. Needs to be replaced before it totally falls off. We should have put on a steel garage door when we built the house 20 years ago instead of accepting the heavy, heavy wooden door that came with. It swells in moist weather, it broke the Genie door opener a few times, and finally he said screw it and just left the Genie disconnected so it has to be opened manually. I can't even lift it and wouldn't even try. Lucky we leave the cars parked outside since the hot tub is in there now. I know...odd place for a hot tub but if we sell and move, we don't want to leave it, and we don't want the thing outside because I don't want to sit in a nice warm hot tub with my head sticking out in the cold wind. If we decide to just stay living where we are, we may just build a little hot tub house out back, but that would require us to have a stronger deck. One thing always leads to another.

So, that was my day today. I will see how everything feels tomorrow. This has to have been my longest and busiest day out since being diagnosed with Lupus. I think my medication is finally starting to work. (And it's warmer out than it has been.) Hurry spring!

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Stardust said...

Dammit, Kaba Modern was voted off. Now it's down to Jabberwockeez and Status Quo. I hope Status Quo wins, they deserve it most.