Sunday, March 30, 2008

Reality shows

I must admit that I have gotten sucked into watching reality shows for awhile, but must also admit that they are some of the most stupid programs on television. And basically, they are all alike. Either bimbos competing to be the arm candy for some really ugly or aging rock star, or vice versa, a bunch of guys competing to be "the one" chosen by some really ugly bitchy woman (New York from Flavor of Love, for instance). Top Model was interesting to me in the beginning, however as it progressed it was the same thing. A bunch of immature young women behaving like schoolgirls, squealing, crying, whining, fighting, and generally being bitchy with one another. Celebrity fit club is basically the same thing. They make a drama out of a regular Weight Watcher's thing. Imagine people in real life acting that way when going to their local Curve's center. The only "competition" show I really can say I like, and where fighting and crap doesn't happen is America's Best Dance Crew. It's a lot of fun, and people are very good sports and even encouraging to other teams. But for the most part, reality shows are is Mad TV's and Will Sasso's take on reality tv. It's hilarious so put your drink down first:

Kenny Rogers Reality Show

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