Monday, March 10, 2008

It was bound to happen sooner or later

Can't avoid cold germs forever especially when everyone around me is sick. Jon is still hacking up a lung after a week of being sick. It starts out with this really yucky scratchy, burning throat thing, then moves upwards to sinus congestion then drops down into the chest. Not fun. I ache all over, feverish and can't take anything for it. Fortunately, I see my Rheumatologist today and maybe he can give me a script for an antibiotic to keep on hand in case I need it. I dunno.

This is the new doctor I am seeing since my regular RA doctor mysteriously disappeared. I intend to at least try to get some answers about that today. I can understand if she is suddenly ill, or if she was fired for whatever reason. I can't imagine that she would just take off like that without letting any of her patients know. Weird.

Daylight savings time started. Now it's dark as night at 7 a.m. But at least it is now light out till around 7 p.m. I would rather have it darker in the morning and lighter later in the evening. I wake up and check my email and stuff early anyway so am not looking outside right away anyway.

Car troubles...our son still has our Impala. His car is really a piece of &*(^#! Hubby drove it to work today and says it has an oil pump problem in addition to needing new heads and a new muffler system. Since our son doesn't have finances at the moment to buy a new car, we have to think of something till he can get a better paying job to afford a newer car. We don't want to leave him hanging without a car or he won't be able to get to work. Lucky we have these extra cars we pass around the family for these type of emergencies. We have a 1990 Audi that our middle son owns now, but was ours for years. Now we are borrowing that back till this whole car ordeal gets settled somehow. In my opinion it would be better to chuck our son's car (which is still in our name) and get a newer one that at least isn't blowing smoke and sounding like a low-flying propeller plane as you drive it down the street.

Cars are a necessary evil. We have even bought new ones in the past that have given us problems. The worst new car we ever bought was a 1990 Plymouth Acclaim LX...piece of crap. The transmission was automatic, but was like a bucking bronco when coming to a stop. Took it into the dealer and they said "there is nothing wrong with it, it's designed that way." What a bunch of baloney! They just didn't know how to fix their design flaw.

Anyway, cars and sickness right now, and this long, long winter is really bumming me out.

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