Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hot tub update

Well, we got through the winter with relatively few problems with the hot tub and it worked great. I love it. It helps relieve tension, relax muscles and loosens stiff joints. It also helps my gout toes and ankle.

We have only had to deal with the steady trickle of a leak that is in one of the pipes probably coming from one of the foot jets. So he will have to lift it up one more time to fix that. We thought that was going to be all that we had to do to it, but recently the dang thing has had a mind of its own and when we set it at 100 it goes up to 107 and beyond. The heater doesn't shut off when it gets to the programmed temperature. It keeps going up and up and up. One evening we tried to get in it anyway for a few minutes and no way Jose, it was scorching!

So, now we have to turn the heat on manually around 4 p.m. and wait for it to get to where we want it and then turn it off. Such a hassle. He thinks now he is going to have to replace the control panel which will probably be a couple hundred bucks. I swear we could have just bought a new one, and probably should have. He could have saved himself a lot of aggravation and work. But he seems to like aggravation. He calls them "challenges." Like our son's car that broke down on the expressway on February 12th. Jon went out to rescue him and let him take our new Impala to work and to use till his car got fixed. Well, it's a month and a half now and our son still has our new car, in the city no less. But he says he is taking good care of it, and just hope that his neighbors are good to it too since he lives in an apartment complex.

Jon has our son's car apart in a million pieces. It was in the shop for awhile for a distributor and after nearly a month of waiting for the distributor to come in, Jon finally ordered the part himself online and it came in in three days, and I delivered it and it still took them two more days to get it installed. Then they said the car engine was crap. Well, they were right about that. So Jon took the heads out and had them redone. The people at the CarQuest place says it seemed that the car must not have had any oil in it so damaged the heads and probably other things inside the engine. So, hubby decided to take the engine apart and replace it piece by piece instead of just pulling the whole thing out, taking it somewhere to be rebuilt and put it back in. So he finds out today that he has to do that anyway. I asked him if I should tell our son that he is the proud owner of a 2006 Chevy Impala. He got very pissed at me when I was only trying to be funny. But I have to admit that it was also meant to be sarcastic. I can't help myself sometimes. But this is getting ridiculous.

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