Thursday, January 04, 2007

Still ill

I'm still fighting off whatever this is that I have that is making me shake with chills and want to curl up under my covers in my bed every half hour. I want to sleep, but only sleep in ten-minute spurts. It must be some kind of flu bug. I can't say there are any really big symptoms, just a lot of little annoying symptoms that are making me feel tired and uncomfortable.

I am trying to get motivated to write another short story or some poetry, but when one doesn't feel good, then it's hard to force doing anything. Like eating food, for instance. I have zero appetite at the moment, but my husband said I need to eat something to keep up my strength. I wander in and out of the kitchen with a shawl over my shoulders and look in cabinets at the variety of Campbell soup I have. Nah...nothing appealing. I look in the fridge and see nothing I want in there, either. Even my coffee that I love so much is not interesting. I finally settled on the coffee though. If anything, maybe it will counter the sleepiness some.

A friend of mine was telling me, "go to the doctor, you can't try to be your own doctor." I asked her what the hell a doctor was going to do for me if it's a virus? Usually when a person suspects he or she has a virus, that is exactly what it is. Especially when there are no other alarming symptoms...such as seeing blood, or having a big pain somewhere. I have head congestion, cough, chills, low-grade fever, aches, and am very sleepy...and irritable. I am in no mood to drive in the rain to the doctor's office, to sit there in an uncomfortable chair in a waiting room full of bacteria and virus-laden sick people only to be told when I get in the office "it's just a virus, go home and drink plenty of fluids and rest" which is pretty much the only things that the illness is allowing me to do anyway!

Off to snuggle down for awhile again.


Dwight said...

Good morning!

I trust you are feeling better. I had a bout of the flu last week. I listened to my body and spent three days in bed!

Take care!


Stardust said...

dwight - thank you for your comment. I am still weak and tired and not feeling well, but I have not been listening to my body and I keep trying to get up and function normally. Maybe if I just gave in and stayed in bed I would get over it faster. I get so restless in bed and also cannot shut my brain off from thinking of things I should be doing.