Sunday, January 07, 2007

Feeling better

I am finally starting to feel like myself again. That had to be one of the weirdest viruses I have ever had. Though I still tire easily at least I managed to stay awake all day yesterday without needing a nap and managed to even go out for awhile.

My husband and I have been shopping for hot tubs. We would like one to use to soothe our aches and pains that come from getting older and old injuries. Like many other things for sale on the market, there are many varieties of hot tubs with many different styles and options. Hubby has been looking online from used ones on ebay to top-of-the-line manufacturers like Gulf Coast.

One cannot tell what these things actually look like, nor can we really tell the quality from a touched-up photograph, so we decided to go out looking at them in stores. We went to two places. We first went to a private dealer who sells Gulf Coast via a warehouse he leases and he gave us a thourough explanation without the high-pressured sales pitch that one usually gets at a retail store. He even let us climb inside them and try them out for size (they were empty of water, of course). While I thought I could be satisfied with a small unit with a few jets, I found myself absolutely wanting the huge, most expensive model. The Platinum, 7-seater with lounger and colored lights..and also a waterfall...and stereo system.

After we left the Gulf Coast dealer we went over to American Sales to look at their hot tubs. After looking at the Gulf Coast models, the ones at AS seemed very "cheap" though they were nearly twice the price. American Sales most likely has a huge overhead and makes a huge profit on things they sell. I we are going to get this thing, we should get the best. I want the Gulf Coast Platinum model, and I can see by the twinkle in his eyes when we talk about it that hubby wants it too.

We really wanted to buy it yesterday, but my husband who is always cautious about where his money goes wanted to go home to think about it. I know it is the best thing to not make snappy decisions on something this expensive, but the thought of soaking in the whirling, hot water seems heavenly. Hope we can make a decision soon!

We decided to get rid of the swimming pool we have had for more than 20 years. Digging that sucker out and removing it, and filling up the huge crater in the back yard will provide for future stories, I am sure.

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