Tuesday, January 02, 2007

First cold of the new year

I can't believe I started off 2007 with a headcold! I had been feeling cranky and very tired for a couple of days and then woke up this morning with congestion which progressed to earache and low-grade fever. I feel like crap and cannot sleep. My hubby has a cold starting, too. He started with a little raise in temperature this afternoon and he slept all day. I think I know where we picked up the germs, too. Tiger Direct when we were there shopping on Saturday.

Why do people go out sick, and more of a question...why do they take their sick kids out? When we were in Tiger Direct looking at new computer power supplies and cases, there was a little boy of about age 7-8-years-old leaning on the shelving and looking like he could hardly stand up...like he was real sleepy or something. Then as we walked by he barked this very loud, yucky-sounding cough all over us. I could not believe it! He was hacking his head off after that and we had to walk through that way again to go to the check-out. I told my husband, "we are going to get sick, I don't believe how people can bring their sick kids out to contaminate everyone!" And it is bad for the poor kid, too. He should have been home in bed!

So, now I have a cold to fight off to start the year with. I am taking my garlic tablets, and drinking lots of juice and now I think I am going to go lay back down and try to fall asleep...if I can. Aaaahhh-choooo! >:-(

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