Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Too much to do

Our list of home repairs is enormous. Here is part of what we have to do, or I should say Jon has to do because there is little I can do except be "go-fer" to get things for him, hand him stuff and clean up afterward. The crap work.

I wish he would hire someone because it's all getting to be too much to keep up with. But he wants to do it himself. One thing always leads to another, as the cartoon above illustrates. Fix a leak in one place, a pipe comes loose and leaks in another. Install one thing, it throws off the thing next to it. And things take him so long to do because he is tired from working all day and is achy from arthritis and back problems so he doesn't feel like working when he gets home and goes slow on weekends (and I do understand about that). So let's hire someone to get this list under control!

The list:

replace windows

replace garage door

replace roof shingles

fix my swing that the wind damaged after tossing it over deck railing
replace some boards and railing slats on deck
remove ugly shrubbery from front of garage

repair fence

replace pool liner or tear down and get rid of pool

fix hot tub leak

sell camper

clean out extra room in basement to make a workout room

clean garage and get rid of crap

finish laundry room walls and install cabinets
finish downstairs kitchen

finish drop ceiling downstairs

finish tiling basement floor

close in furnace area with walls and vented doors
fix master bath shower
install master bath faucet
paint livingroom, diningroom, kitchen, foyer and hallway

blacktop seal driveway

replace mailbox

There are more things that I am probably forgetting, but this is what I can think of off the top of my head.
I say sell this place, get a condo where they pay a maintenance fee to have grass cut and repairs taken care of. Home ownership is endless crap to take care of.

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