Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Insurance crap

I don't know if all insurance companies are getting to be this way, but for us, Humana is getting to be quite weird and picky. Maybe it has something to do with having to pay out literally hundreds of thousands of dollars for my medical expenses over the past couple of years. At least we have health insurance coverage, that would be disasterous for us if we didn't. But some of their rules and decisions just don't make a bit of sense at all.

My foot/ankle doctor ordered a knee brace for me to take the strain off the knee and to throw it out a little bit to keep it more in line with my foot. Well, after requesting certification for the knee brace, Humana denied the request and stated that they will not pay for "shelf" braces and will only pay for "custom-molded braces" which doesn't make a bit of sense since the shelf brace is cheaper ($800) and will do what the custom-molded brace will do but the custom-molded brace will cost $1,800! That is a thousand dollars more that the insurance company wants to pay when they can have me get this other one for less than half of that cost? It simply is absurd.

They make no sense at all sometimes.

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