Wednesday, April 29, 2009

In the soaps, time stands still for some and speeds up for others

I haven't watched soap operas for years except to see an episode now and then while visiting my mom and dad once in awhile. Time stands still for the older folks in soap opera land, and speeds up for the youngsters and babies. The baby is born, they are sending it off to boarding school by the end of the year and then in a couple more years they are driving a car and then the next they are getting married and having affairs just like their mom and dad who still look miraculously the same, and some even younger due to cosmetic surgery and facelifts.

Another thing about soap operas is that they keep recycling the plot so if you don't watch for a very long time you come back and deja vu! The same thing is happening to someone that had happened so someone else several years before. People faking their own deaths, ghost of dead characters coming back to give advice to the living, people having amnesia and get put into state mental hospitals until they start to remember or someone rescues them. They are so predictable. So slow moving, too...except for the kids. They change rapidly. However, same plot with them too though. Baby, boarding school, and then teenager and cheating spouse.

The last soap I really followed was Young and the Restless. But try to watch it now is just torture for me. It's just the same ol' same ol' stuff.

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