Sunday, April 19, 2009

Knee bone's connected to the hip bone . . .

And things just keep on getting "better" (snark). The pain has shifted now from my knee up to the butt area on one side and into the hip. The pain gets to be so bad at times I feel like I am going to pass out! But I get my drugs, get the ice packs and heat packs and fight through it. I am allowed to drive now, and it seems that the driving and the working online has brought on yet another problem.

Went to the doctor for what was supposed to be my final back check-up and now have another little crisis going on. My sacroiliac joint is inflamed. The doctor says this is a common problem after spinal fusion because the fused spine can no longer move so the pressure goes to the sacro joint which is also inflexible and causes inflammation from trying to move in old ways using new joints and ligaments, etc.

So, what happens now is that I have four weeks of therapy for this sac joint and see how things go. If no better in a couple weeks I have to go in for a steroid injection into the sac joint itself. Since this is a deep joint and not able to be felt manually, this must be done in the hospital using a fluoroscope xray as the doctor makes the injection. This is also quite painful, so must be done with sedation and a local anesthesia...and then a short stay in the recovery room afterwards. But the outcome of this treatment is quite good, so they say. I am going to do all I can to get this to settle down without resorting to more doctor and hospital bills.

Like I said above, this probably is from is trying to work, sitting at a computer for long periods at a time. When I blog or check email lately, it's for an hour at a time, tops. When I work, I am timed and need to get so many hours a day in so am sitting here for hours at a time with only brief breaks each hour. This seems to indicate that I am not going to be able to get a real job any time soon. Since everything I am qualified to do requires hours of sitting at a desk, I need to get stronger and recover better from everything and gradually work into things again. Maybe I will never be able to work full-time again. I dont know. I need to find something I can do at home, and work at my own hours and my own pace. Even writing a story or a novel requires lots of computer time. I am going to check out getting a laptop and that way I can sit in different places and change positions, etc throughout the day instead of being confined to a desk. I cannot work for my online job, however, with a laptop computer. Most online companies what you to have a stationary desktop computer.

Anyway, hopefully my next health update will say that the pain in the sac joint is decreasing.

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