Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Knee bone's connected to the foot bone . . .

Well, got rid of the wheel chair and was down to using one crutch and now the knee is strained and very painful and the doctor has ordered a knee brace to give it some stability. The medial ligament is messed up because of the new positioning of the foot which is now pulling on the knee in a different way than before. I have ulcers so not supposed to take Ibuprofen, but took some anyway since Norco didn't even work for this.

I saw the ankle/foot surgeon a couple days ago and he said the ankle and foot are healed and doing well, which I can tell myself. If it wasn't for the knee I would be walking with only a slight limp without crutches. But the knee gets worse and worse with use. What the heck!

So have to add therapy for my knee along with therapy for the ankle and then get this knee brace thing and hopefully one day will walk again normally on my own! Right now it seems like that may never happen. But I will keep persevering!

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