Sunday, April 26, 2009

New TV Monitor

Got this great new television to use as a monitor yesterday. I score academic achievement exams online and the 17 inch monitor was very hard to see the pages on, and this one is no problem at all. It's HUGE. Best Buy was having a sale on TVs and monitors yesterday so we decided to go ahead and get one before my next project starts. I can tell a difference with my back already. I don't have to lean forward to see the computer screen at all. What I want to do now is get a wireless keyboard and I can sit on the bed across the room and work. That would be awesome! LOL! Working from home is great, so many options.

We can also download movies now and watch them on here if we want to, or just pop in a DVD into the computer and watch it from there. Videos look better, online books, etc. Old people need LARGE TYPE. This is great.

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