Sunday, April 26, 2009

Blossom time

It's been a bit rainy today, windy and cloudy, but warm! Like summer again. And my favorite time of year when all the blossoms are in bloom on the trees and shrubbery. My rhododendron plant has revived itself, one of them anyway, the other one died. It didn't help it that someone ran over it with a lawn mower last summer, not realizing that it was NOT A WEED BUSH! I thought it might come back this year, but it didn't.

I look around though and all the trees are so pretty in their lacy-looking leaves and flowers. I see a neighbor kid trying to fly a kite. The grass is getting long and we are waiting for someone who lives with us to mow it, but unfortunately it will be left for hubby to do, as usual. Even though he has a zillion other things to do and would love to take time to relax and enjoy his days off like everyone else does. If I could do it, I would. And was even tempted to try and he ordered me NOT to do it since he has had enough of me and my medical problems and having to be my personal nursemaid for several months. So, I promised I would not touch the lawn mower. But if they don't get it done for him before my next paycheck, I think I am going to hunt down a neighbor kid to pay to do it or else it's going to look like hillbilly heaven around here. We seriously need to sell this house and buy a two-bedroom condo. No one can move back in, and no lawn or house maintenance. Sounds great to me but he doesn't want to live "connected" to anyone.

Time to go see what is slamming up against the house. I think the fence gate is unhooked again and can't believe no one else can hear it.

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