Wednesday, December 26, 2007

uh-oh, ahhh-choo!

Well, hubby probably infected everyone who he was around this weekend with his cold germs. He was in denial that he was coming down with something though I could tell he wasn't feeling right (a big sign was that he was VERY crabby for a few days), and yesterday, Christmas Day, at my folks house, his condition deteriorated and he was pretty miserable by the time we got home. We usually stay till around 9 p.m. or so each year, but we left around 7 this time.

I hoped I would avoid catching his germs, but for the past day or two I have had a blocked-up ear. I felt fine which led me to start investigating other things that might cause my ear to block up. I tried ear wax softener, and the usual ear drop crap, and then the sweet oil crap (which only blocked it up more.) I ate a few spicy peppers even though I really shouldn't because of the stomach problems. That didn't work to unblock it. I finally remembered the Nascort my doctor prescribed for me a few months ago because I can't take antihistamine meds or any over-the-counter stuff because of possible interactions with two of the other medicines I am on. That seems to be working and the pressure in the ear has decreased, however. . . .tonight I have the sniffles! GRRRRRRRR! I hope I don't wake up with a head cold. That would really suck. I had a few pieces of raw garlic and have been drinking juice and green tea in an attempt to fight this before it starts.

Have to go to the Rheumatologist in the morning. Our van is dead. It just refused to start yesterday. At least it went dead here in the driveway and now anywhere across town where I would have to call a tow truck and someone to come rescue me. It will probably have to be towed to the GMC dealer though. He is thinking it is the fuel pump and it it is where he thinks it is, it's going to be a pain to get off, and not to mention, quite expensive. There goes the big screen television that he wanted. I feel sorry for him. Every time he thinks he is going to have money for himself, something breaks or someone needs to borrow it.

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