Sunday, December 02, 2007

A good day

The image on the right is a photo taken by Michael Pancier. It's called Sunday's Rose and is absolutely gorgeous, isn't it?

Today was a good day. Whitney and Jeff came by, that's why. They always cheer things up by stopping by. Whitney and I played Scrabble while Jon and Jeff worked on Jeff's old Audi, which is his third spare car they use in winter weather so they don't have to risk an accident with their GTO. From my experience driving a GTO, they don't handle very well in snow and ice, AND their's is way to pretty to have some idiot smash into it.

After Jon and Jeff were done with the car, we all had bean soup for lunch. I make the best 15-bean soup. I add sliced fresh carrots, garlic, diced tomatoes, and green peppers and minced onion. I also add spices from jar like a bit of oregano, celery seed, thyme, and a bit of cayenne pepper for a little zip. Then I let it simmer in the CrockPot for eight long hours. Mmmmmmm. The whole house smells good while it's cooking.

We watched a really stupid movie called "Dangerous something" (I forget what now) about a banshee that hated light and these fruitballs lure it up into a lighthouse and then destroy it finally by having to go all the way back down to the bottom of the lighthouse again and flicking some switch. It was really lame. But we had to watch it once we started to find out how it ended.

After that, Jeff and Jason were looking stuff up about computers online, so Whitney and I started another game of Scrabble, but then it got late so we quit in the middle when they decided they better get going. Well, they weren't gone but a couple of minutes and I saw that they had left their smoothie cups here that they had brought with them. So, when I called Jeff to let him know, then things got a bit chaotic again...always something, like I say...the Audi died before they even got out of town! This Audi was our car for years before Jeff bought it. He had it at our house so Jon could fix a few things on it. Well, we know how that goes lately with Jon fixing things. He just has way too much too keep up with anymore. So, we went to their rescue, and turns out that it has a bad alternator. It's now parked in his friend's driveway until Jon can get a new alternator and install it.

We had planned on going to Sam's Club for some things, but by the time we got the car taken care of, it was closed...but no biggie. Jon can stop by there on his way home tomorrow. We did get to Jewel, however for my bananas and a few other items. It's cold and windy out there tonight. It had been warmer earlier, but then temps plunged and that evil wind is back.

Time to go get snuggly under the covers with my microwave heated booties.

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